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What Is Content Marketing?

The traditional way we understood “content marketing” was via advertising during TV programs or in magazines. This developed further into incorporating branded products into movies or popular TV series. One example of this is the so-called product placement of the BMW cars in the James Bond movies. We have become so accustomed to being marketed to that we have become numb to the triggers. Over the years there is more and more interest in the topic, as can be shown in the Google Trends graph below.


What is Content Marketing Today?

Content Marketing as a concept has evolved with the emergence of social media and all that this allows for when it comes to marketing to different audiences with specific interests and purchasing behaviors. The article below from the Content Marketing Institute goes into more detail about this:


How is this relevant to SEO?

How is content marketing relevant to my local business? Well, as a business owner it is crucial that you shape your content in such a way that your potential customers can find you. For example, frequently businesses create content based on their business name or the brand name. They spend a lot of time and effort on this with not necessarily showing a lot of results. This is because as an individual searching for your product, I may not yet be aware of your brand name and therefore I will not search for it. I will, however, search for a solution to the problem I am having. Let’s say your brand name is Amazing Tools. I’m not going to search for Amazing Tools, but I will search for “blue widget” because I know that a “blue widget” will help me with my problem. As the owner of Amazing Tools, if you focus your content on your business name and how great it is and what you do, that’s ok. But when I search for a blue widget I may not find you. However, when the term “blue widget” exists on your website, the chances that I as a potential customer will find you is much much higher.

The content your provide must bring value to the individual searching for your services. Here is a video that explains further:


When it comes to marketing your content in a consistent way, it is important that you draft a proper strategy. Here are a few steps how to approach content marketing in your business.


Create content via your blog or posts on your website, that you will then promote via social media. Gather information and contact details of the people that interact with your content and send them emails to market to them further by sending them to your offer. Keep up the interaction, ask them questions, send them your offer, and eventually some prospects will turn into customers. Create more content.. etc etc.

Smart businesses will incorporate Direct Marketing as a complementary way to their digital strategy.

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