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Would you like your business to rank better?

Here are some tips for how to accomplish this with one of the greatest free tools that exist: Google itself!

Yes, we often forget that something that is right in front of our nose can be the one thing that is the most helpful to us when it comes to ranking. If you were a potential customer of your own business, what would you search for? Do a search for that term and see what shows up. What shows up as related searches at the bottom of the page? These can often be a hint of keywords that you can include in your own site in order to place specific pages off your site in front of more eyes.



Follow the advice in this article and notice the difference it makes to use Yelp and Google My Business.

Watch this video to learn how:


Another tip is to tag a few images on your site with the address of your business. This will improve your local search rankings. You can use this tool to do that.  It is very user friendly.