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What’s up Geneva expatriates? InterNations did a survey for their Expat Insider and studied more than 60 countries popular among the expat member of InterNations. It appears that Melbourne in Australia is the number one preferred city, closely followed by Houston, Texas, USA, and the bronze going to Madrid in Spain. How about that for 3 different very different cities on 3 very different continents!?!

Geneva didn’t make the top 10 this time around and comes in at number 14, after Basel in 12th position and before Zurich at number 16. The survey was done among InterNations participants and provided a rating of 35 cities around the world that are common hubs for expatriates. Geneva has always been a stronghold for expats over a long period of time. This fact is not about to change any time soon with all the international organizations present and international meetings held on a regular basis. That being said, it seems that the search interest for Geneva, Switzerland, has declined over the past decade according the Google Trends graph that follows:

The reasons for this decline could be numerous. In the trend tables beside the graph the related searches are mostly for travel sites. Perhaps Geneva has become a more expensive location since 2004? Are there fewer tourists because of it? This is very possible, especially if you take into the account that there was an understandable sharp decline in travel to Switzerland after the economic downturn in 2008. The searches for Geneva originate over time mostly from within Switzerland itself. Apart from tourists, could it be that there are fewer expats in Switzerland these days? Or is it just that fewer tourists have resulted in a reduction by two thirds of the monthly searches over a period of a dozen years? Could be. It could also be that during this same time period the development of mobile applications have soared and that searches done by tourists for Geneva are done from within these applications instead and the results are provided in the apps instead of on Google.

Musings aside, here is the map of the cities preferred by expats as per the Expat Insider.
Top-Rated Expat Cities in 2016 — infographic

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