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Paying for advertising is like renting. When you own your property (the content on a domain optimized for search engines) you pay once and you never have to pay anything ever again. You can combine the two, but long term SEO provides better ROI.


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  • The highest ROI of all online marketing channels
  • The first three organic results on Google get over 50% of clicks
  • Build your brand equity by being on top and getting found


  • Brings higher impact for your digital marketing
  • Clarity on the benefits of your products for your preferred customers
  • Thinking critically about your business and competitors


  • Showing up in Google Maps
  • Showing up in Google Organic Search
  • Turn Clicks into Calls
  • Measure Business Results

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Geneva SEO is an international digital agency based in Geneva, Switzerland. We are specialized in search engine optimization. Contact us at +4177 43 88 922 https://www.genevaseo.com/

Search engine optimization has replaced the services of the yellow pages. It is time for businesses to replace the money they spend on ads in the Yellow Pages with long term investment in SEO instead. Having a webpage that is optimized for Google searches is a great way for more targeted customers to find your business.  Searches done via mobile devices started surpassing that of desktop searches already in 2014. If your website has not yet been optimized for mobile devices via accelerated mobile pages, it is high time that you have this done.

If you do not, your site will not be visible to anyone searching on a smartphone or tablet. Websites that have mobile-friendly content and pages that load fast will show up above websites that do not. You can find out if your site is optimized or not by doing the mobile test here:

Currently people are searching more than ever online to find relevant products and services. Especially since the start of COVID-19 period. Is your business showing up in the search results?

When it comes to SEO, many businesses are trying to do DIY, or by using automated “tools and tricks” but see little or no result. Some businesses have even been hurt by “optimization” done by people or agencies who didn’t know what they were doing; or, worse, who sent hundreds or thousands of spammy links causing a fall in rankings.

If you have been disappointed by SEO in the past, feel free to ask us for a no-cost video analysis of your website. The SEO done by our experts is clean, transparent, and done in such a way that it is relevant for your business. We take the time to get to know our clients and treasure the trust built over time. We continually keep updated with the latest updates in Google algorithms. We are part of a large scale network of SEO professionals and get trained by the best people in the business.

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Online exposure is getting more and more important.

People use their mobile phones to do searches on the run. Voice searches via smartphone are increasing exponentially. If your site doesn’t have the type of content that you preferred type of customer is searching for, but your competitor does, it is likely that you will lose the opportunity to make that sale. 

Researching the keywords that your preferred type of customers are searching for is vital when it comes to improving your targeted traffic. We guide our clients through this so as to get the best out of the search engine results that are most relevant for their business.

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Social Media Optimization

In today’s online world, no business is complete without a full presence on a variety of social media channels. We optimize your social media marketing in the best possible way to benefit your rankings, so that the correct customer can find your business, products and services.

We install chatbots that can generate immediate leads.  Our approach is particularly helpful for boosting local businesses and helping you get more leads.


Optimized Web Design

Have you upgraded your website to a new design and lost ranking positions? An fully optimized website means that all the variables have been taken into account, from the site being clearly visible on all types of devices, from smart phones to tablets, to its content, including both text, media and other factors. 

We can provide you with an analysis of what needs to be done in order for your site to contain all the components required for optimization. Your standard web designer may create a website that looks very cool, whereas we will complement this work by optimizing what you have in order to rank better.

First and foremost we must find out what the current status with your website is. How well is it optimized? How do you rank in comparison with your competitors? Find out here.


Video Optimization

Video optimization is possible in many ways and should be present in your arsenal of marketing tools. Video as a media is a very powerful way to attract potential customers.

People now spend more time on YouTube than in front of their television on a daily basis. Small businesses often don’t realize just how powerful this approach can be. Allow us to optimize your videos and improve your rankings at the same time.